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SupplyNow is a procurement manager in a box. We are a one-stop procurement platform which helps you manage all your existing distributors and explore market prices using modern auction technology.

We work primarily with ghost kitchens, restaurants and commissaries. When exploring prices, we serve as an auction house: we organize all of the players and conduct the complicated part of your procurement strategy. Just in their first year with us, our clients save an average of 3-5%* on ingredients that are auctioned out, not to mention the hundreds of hours otherwise spent on ingredient procurement.

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3-5%annual savings
1000+hours saved
<2weeks to see results

* At SupplyNow our goal is to save your business time and money through competitive bidding. Our members average 5% cost savings when comparing their ingredient purchasing costs on a one-year rolling basis with the prices they get prior to using our service, adjusted for fluctuations in market prices.

About Us

Centralized Ingredient Procurement

SupplyNow is an all-in-one procurement solution for restaurant chefs and managers. We bid out their ingredient procurement needs through a novel combinatorial reverse auction process which helps them save time and money. We offer a hybrid marketplace/SaaS pricing model based on the preference of our customers.

Our Process

We are a fully accessible procurement platform for the foodservice industry that is at the forefront of procurement automation. We provide restaurants access to a wider range of distributors and competitively bid out their procurement needs for competitive pricing.

Complete Flexibility

Buy from those you know, and from those you don't know yet. All with the same click.

Supplier Incentive

Free customer discovery pipeline.

Prices as a Snapshot

The best prices don't come from the same supplier every week!

SupplyNow Membership Cost


We offer our bidding services completely free of charge to our customers.
3% fee on auctioned goods1% fee for existing suppliers


Some customers prefer to pay a flat fee and reduce service charges.
$79.99/mo, or $69.99/mo for 12 months1% fee on auctioned goods

Contact Details

Please reach out to us for any questions or additional information.

4614 Prospect Ave E #221, Cleveland, OH 44103
Phone Number
(216) 548-7070

Interested in Investing?

COVID-19 has been tragic for food businesses. We see this as an opportunity to provide much-needed savings to the communities we love. U.S. food service is a quickly growing $900+ billion industry, and SupplyNow is revolutionizing the way we do business. Join our team from the start! SupplyNow is raising its pre-seed round, which will close in late 2021. Please contact our COO, Aaron, at for more information.
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