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About Us

Centralized Ingredient Procurement

We are a fully accessible procurement platform for the foodservice industry that is at the forefront of procurement automation. We provide restaurants access to a wider range of distributors and competitively bid out their procurement needs for competitive pricing.

Our Process

Restaurant Wellness Engine

Identify key blindspots.

Novel Auction Tech

Provide a level playing field for local vendors in crowded service space.

Pricing Transparency

The best prices don't come from the same supplier every week!

SupplyNow Membership Cost


Transparent food procurement, operational efficiency, and financial services for free. We make money through rebates from distributors.
Up to 10% Rebate


This includes curated tools such as specialized procurement services ("ProcureNow") and menu costing services ("MenuNow"). More "Now" Services coming soon!
$100 per month

Contact Details

Please reach out to us for any questions or additional information.

4614 Prospect Ave E #221, Cleveland, OH 44103
Phone Number
(216) 548-7070

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Please contact our COO, Aaron, at for more information.
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